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5 Tips to Viral Video Marketing – Happy Bermuda

To start, a viral video is a video that becomes popular through the process of (most often) Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites (Youtube), social media (Facebook) and email.  There isn’t exactly a set rule for how many “views” constitute a video “going viral” or how quickly those views to roll in.  It varies from person to person but upwards of 1 million views in less then a month and you are doing well.

As a filmmaker, social media is key to staying in business.  It is the best tool anyone has to showcase their work and its free! Showcasing work obviously puts your product out there and in turn potentially brings in more business.  The more people that see it the better your odds are for more business.   Here are some things I do to help my videos go further.  Keep in mind that coming up with original or interesting content is also a big part of helping a video make the rounds.

People share things that stand out to them in some way, shape, or form.  When I shoot extreme videos we go through a lot of ideas before we end up shooting the one that really stands out to us.  We like the ones that make you go “WOW! I’VE NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE”, or “THAT IS CRAZZZZY”. Our angle is always pushing the sanity boundary.

5 Tips to Getting your video out there quickly:

1) Know your Demographic and Post Accordingly – One of the ways this can be done is by using youtube analytics to see who watches your type of videos and when.  This is useful to find out when best to post your video.  For example when looking at my analytics I know that the best time to release one of my extreme stunt videos is midday on a Wednesday or Thursday.  Why?  Because I know that the majority of views I get right off the bat are from male high school students on their lunch break browsing their social media and video sharing sites.

2) Get Other Sites to Share your Video:  The more people linking and sharing your video the more views you get.  There is never a guarantee to this but the more web bloggers and online magazines you send your video link to the better.  It helps if your video content matches their website content.   Example: If you create a cute video of your dog doing the tango while singing the national anthem then contact known pet websites that have video blogs. i.e PETCO youtube channel, Pedigree blog site.  Find sites that will love your content. Send them a nice short message about why they should have your video on their site and you will be surprised how far that can go.  Even get crazy and send it to the Ellen Degeneres show.

3) Having a Following:  This is very key for continued postings.  Having lots of people subscribed to your Youtube or Facebook page means that EVERY time you post a video they will get an alert letting them know that a new video is out.  More often than not they are going to click on that video because they liked your previous stuff.  This is a fine line –  Make sure you are putting out material that is consistent to that page.  You are going to want separate pages if your work varies.  For example I have a ‘Falling off the Rock’ Facebook page dedicated to cliff jumping and anything extreme.  I wouldn’t post an Ad I produced for a company on that page because thats not why people are on that FOTR page.  You don’t want to abuse your viewers otherwise they will unsubscribe.  Be content specific in this area.  So the point being, the more videos you put out the more subscribers you’ll get.   The more subscribers you have the more people you have instantly clicking your video when you upload it.  It’s a snowball effect. (see separate post on how to BUILD a following)

4) Video Length:  Todays world is fast paced and a lot of people viewing clips online do so from work.  If you are at work you do not have time to watch a long video.  Keep videos between 1 – 2.30 mins for better sharing, 3mins MAX.

5) Being Creative and Identifying Trends:  There are several ways you can use trends to help your video or even product.  Two examples are music and whats hot.  If looking for a track to go along with your music and not sure where to start, look to see what is up and coming and going to be popular.  Sometimes if your content is so so people will share the video just because they like the music.  It sounds a little “mug” but its exposure none the less.  Other ways of helping your video or product going viral is taking advantage of pop culture trends (i.e. Planking, Gangnam Style, Harlem Shake)  For example I created a Pharrell Williams ‘Happy” video during its peak period and released it with a logo in the end credits of a company I wanted to promote.  The video went around the island which meant that logo was seen by more people than if I had made a product specific video.

Andrew Kirkpatrick

Andrew Kirkpatrick

Videographer - Owner of Burnt House Productions

Burnt House Productions produces, shoots and edits Short Films, Documentaries, Music Videos, Commercials, Ads, and Viral Videos. Visit www.burnthousepro.com

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5 Tips On Networking with People You Don’t Know … Yet

During my travels I have had the privilege of traveling the world at a very early age, thanks to my parents who continue to repeat that cycle today as 2 sixty-something year olds; the cycle never ends. Traveling is networking. Five key factors on networking with people you don’t know 1) Invite everyone to the party, 2) Disciple, 3) Stay on top of technology, 4) Become a pleasure to be around & 5) Be remembered

1) Invite everyone to the party

Mama says don’t talk to strangers? Well, set that aside (with discretion) and learn to speak up when you need an answer to one of the thousand questions going on in your head. A crucial aspect of networking is, understanding that everyone around can be utilized in some way to help you with whatever you are doing. Often we overlook those who can help us the most because we have it all figured out. Engage with those who are experts in their field.

Ex) Need to know the easiest way to get around an unfamiliar city? Ask a cab/bus driver.

2) Discipline

Be obedient to their culture and open your mind. No, not everyone enjoys American Football so it is wise to know that most places have their own unique style and preference. The country was in great shape before you arrived and most likely will continue to grow gracefully when you are gone.

3) Stay on top of technology

Smartphones. I also hate the annoying text message sound and vibration but it’s an investment that will get you through any situation, especially in a foreign country. Google Maps, Translator, Bus Times, Tube Map, the list of FREE apps goes on and on.

4) Being pleasurable

People usually gravitate to those who are likable, easy-going, and chill. In a unfamiliar place, it is easy to become frustrated because you are outside of your comfort zone. Adaptability is essential because it shows that you are NOT stiff and those around you will take note that you are making the necessary adjustment. Everything seems a lot easier to do once you possess positive energy – everyone loves it and are willing to help in any way they can.

5) Be remembered

When you walk into a room, you should ALWAYS maneuver with your shoulders back, head up, and ready to engage in some conversation while maintaining eye contact with the person in front of you. It is typical to ask for business cards so don’t become lost in the bunch. Offer to send a “Great to meet you today/tonight” email (from your smartphone) so when they return home they can take the time to reply and follow up with you. Before you know it, you’re invited to play golf in The Bahamas!

Finally, being yourself is the most interesting characteristic about you – try it! If exercised wisely, the above 5 points should have you in great shape on your next trip to see the sights!


Peter D. Maynard II

Peter D. Maynard II

The University of Law Student - aka DJ MayDay