Video: 5 Tips to Delivering a KILLER Rocket Pitch

Entrepreneur Omar Lodge winner of the 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Week “Rocket Pitch” and co-founder of Amber’s Rum Cakes tells Bermuda Entrepreneur the secret to crafting a KILLER business pitch. Simple but sweet!

PREPARE – I can’t say enough about this.  Spend 80% of your time preparing ie. gathering the necessary information, organizing it, putting your presentation together, etc.

PRACTICE – Once you’ve prepared, you need to practice your pitch.  I would recommend getting a mix of friends, family, and colleagues to assess you on your presentation.  Be open to feedback and tweak where necessary – remember your thoughts matter, however it will be how it is perceived by the audience and judges. Be sure to include at least one person who may have limited knowledge of your business/idea as this is how the judges and audience will feel.

STICK TO YOUR TIME – The allotted time is part of the actual challenge. Time yourself on all of your practice attempts and be open to omitting certain parts of your presentation that may be eating up your time. Note:  Finishing with a lot of time left means, you could have said more, finishing with not enough time says you weren’t aware.

BE & EXPRESS YOURSELF – A lot of what people fall for is the person, and your passion and/or confidence in your idea/business.  This is the time to display it however, it must be done in a way that doesn’t overshadow everything else.

LEARN FROM OTHERS! –  Don’t be afraid to watch a few episodes of Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den.


Video: Global Entrepreneurship Week Bermuda

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) Bermuda has been in existence since 2008 with the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation, the Department of Ecommerce and the Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative of Bermuda forming the Host Committee to coordinate and organize local events to celebrate and encourage entrepreneurship.

Over the years the Host Committee has helped to coordinate 30 events that showcase local entrepreneurs and celebrate entrepreneurship.

GEW is a way to encourage the unification of nations and can serve as a catalyst to get young people to see how they too can contribute to economic development on a local and international level. Through this week we seek to encourage Bermudians to get involved in GEW and entrepreneurship in general.

Check out: https://www.facebook.com/gewbermuda/

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