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    Reframing Entrepreneurship in Bermuda

    When I ask what is an entrepreneur, the most common response is a small business or a vendor, but where would Richard Branson fit into that response? Of course, I strongly believe in the power of small business as a vehicle for socio-economic mobility, empowerment through self-employment and filling niche market needs, however I believe […]

  • Cry
    I Love Making Entrepreneurs Cry – Ethan Bagley

    Ms. Smith was afraid. Her fear was a common one: if I share my idea, someone will steal it. I hear it a lot when working with entrepreneurs as a part of Startup Weekend. This fear is a consequence of past experiences, missed opportunities and rejection. Asking someone to speak about their most passionate thoughts […]

  • Planning
    10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make when Starting a Business Venture

    Do you have an idea that you just can’t wait to make a reality?  Have you always had a desire to be your own boss?  Is taking risks just as natural to you as brushing your teeth?  If you answered yes to these questions, then it is just possible that you are a born entrepreneur.  […]

  • Business-Plan
    Demystifying the Business Plan

    We always say to new entrepreneurs that the first step to starting a business is writing a business plan.  Well what exactly does that mean?  Many would be entrepreneurs view the business plan as some elaborate scary monster with intricate sentences and paragraphs that go on and on like the tentacles of the St. Augustine […]

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